• Testimonials

  • I've been going to The Toothdome Smile Enhancement Center for a long time and will continue to do so! The entire staff treats me like family and I'm always so comfortable during my visits. It's truly the best dental office around.

    Scott H.

  • My visits to Toothdome Smile Enhancement are always great. I really can't think of anything more they can do to improve my visits. My dentist and the staff are friendly, compassionate, and easy going. I couldn't imagine going to a different dentist.

    Louis M.

  • I have moved around quite a bit and this is the best dentist I have been to. My son loves going to the dentist now and Dr. Goodrich. I think it is because he is so patient with him and makes him feel at ease. I recommend his practice if you have little ones who are nervous.

    Colin A.

  • Dr. Goodrich is a pretty good guy when it comes to dentistry. He's the main reason I continue going there. The staff is very friendly and caring, knowledgeable. I would recommend Toothdome Smile Enhancement Center to friends and family.

    Julian M.

  • What I like most about the Toothdome is that they have the best staff! Dr. Goodrich is a wonderful dentist and he has even called me after a procedure to see how I'm doing. What dentist does that?! Everything about their office is phenomenal. It's very clean and the people there have such a contagious, friendly way about them.

    Thomas L.

  • I never had good memories of the dentist from being a kid so when I came here I was still a little skeptical. I was very nervous and really dislike needles. Dr. Goodrich was so patient with me during my visits. I don't remember any pain and thankfully I don't get nervous anymore.

    Nikki P.

  • My dentist was retiring, so he referred me to the Toothdome and Dr. Goodrich. I found that they are the only practice in Mountain Home that does clear braces which is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Everyone there is so friendly, but they're all great and you can tell they really like doing what they do.

    Richard P.

  • The staff is always so kind and understanding about my fears involved with the dentist every time I visit. It sounds a little silly but I do still get nervous for even the slightest things at the dentist. It is a nice bonus that the office is homey.

    Francine N.

  • From the second you call to make an appointment and Gail answers you know you’re in good hands. Fast, friendly, highly professional work from all the staff and Dr. G! I adore this place. I asked if a chip I’ve had in a tooth since I was six could be fixed and now it looks like I have a whole new flashy smile! They are amazing! I recommend them to everyone!

    Tyler C.

  • I travel from Washington State for dental care here. I have found the Tooth Dome to be family friendly, accommodating to my schedule, and have been very happy with the results.

    David P.

  • The first dentist that I enjoy going to. He and his staff are very kind and never judge the best dental office in mountain home as far as I'm concerned!!!

    Lynnette S.